Thursday, February 16, 2006

You want Beatles analyses? This guy's got Beatles analyses...

A musicologist named Alan W. Pollack created analyses of every song the Beatles ever wrote. It took him eleven years. Apparently these analyses are well known in online Beatles circles. You can find them all here, with commentary by Ger Tillekens.

Pollack combines a whole lot of technical detail with compelling descriptions of how he hears the songs. Here's a quick example from "Being for the Benefit of Mr. Kite":

You might say that different parts of this song are respectively in the keys of d, c, and e minor, but I think it's a cop out to describe the song as simply spanning three different keys and leave it like that...

...I believe the home key of this song is e minor, and that the opening in d minor, and the starting of the verses in c minor is a clever ruse perpetrated intentionally to throw you off balance. It's sort of the harmonic equivalent of one of those multi-planed Escher engravings where your sense of the direction pointed to by gravity's rainbow depends on where on the page you focus your gaze.

Now that's the kind of analysis that makes me want to go hear the song!

Thanks to Roger Bourland's Red Black Window for pointing out this resource.


Blogger Roger Bourland said...

Glad my discovery helped you too! So cool to have all those analyses available online for FREE!


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