Sunday, January 08, 2006

Welcome to The Unconquered Sound

Welcome to The Unconquered Sound! This is my forum for posting brief to moderately long analyses of music I enjoy.

I recently completed a music theory Ph.D. at a major northeastern university. There I had mentors who saw music analysis as a way of deepening one's relationship with works of music, and of kindling enthusiasm for them.

Kindling enthusiasm is my goal in this blog. If you find yourself wanting to listen to or play the music I analyze, then I've succeeded.

I intend to write for readers with a moderate amount of Western musical training. If you're a professional musician, an undergraduate music major, or anyone else with a similar education, then every analysis here should be comprehensible to you. Some analyses might be even simpler than that; others might bring in more advanced theory, which I'll explain as I go.

Why "The Unconquered Sound"? Partly because I feel that the sound of a work of music always transcends any particular analysis. Partly because I like the sound of the name.

Please feel free to post thoughts, ideas, disagreements, agreements, enthusiasms, or anything else.


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